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Hotel Management

Diploma In Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) is a 3 year (6 semesters) programme of CTEVT. The course covers fundamentals of hotel management, hospitality management, food and beverage services and productions, front office management, housekeeping management and prepares candidates for the ever growing hospitality industry. The course is delivered with practical approach along with necessary theory. There are regular job placements and internships during the study period.

Eligibility for Admission:
The candidates desiring to take admission to DHM must have completed SEE or equivalent examination from recognized educational institutions, by obtaining D+ grade in compulsory subject Math, English & Science.
Admission Procedure:
The candidates must fill the application form with certificates and testimonials of all examinations passed, equivalency, transfer and character certificates, recent PP sized photographs. They must sit for entrance test.

The course structure of DHM is as follows:

First Semester Second Semester Third Semester
Subject Cr Subject Cr Subject Cr
Nepali I 5 Nepali II 5 Business Communication 6
English I 5 English II 5 Principles of Management 4
Fundamentals of Travel and Tourism 8 Hotel Accounting 6 Food Production and Patisserie I 12
Introduction to Hospitality Industries 6 Front Office Operations 10 Food and Beverage Service I 12
Computer Application 7 Housekeeping Operations 10 Principles of Economics 5
Principles of Accounting 6        
Forth Semester Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Subject Cr Subject Cr Subject Cr
Ecology and Environment 4 Hospitality Sales & Marketing 6 (Internship)  
Business Math 5 Food Production  and Patisserie III 10  
Food Production and Patisserie II 12 Entrepreneurship Development 5  
Food and Beverage Service II 12 Beverage Studies and Bar Operations 8  
Hygiene and Nutrition 7 Elective (Any one of the Following) 10 48
    Food and Beverage Management    
    Accommodation Management    

Core Subjects:
These are beginner to specialization courses in various fields of hospitality sector offered at CTEVT. There are further courses and specializations modules added in the future.

Front Office Management/Accommodations management:
The skills like guest service, reservations, registration, room and rate assignment, maintenance and settlement of guest accounts and public relation among with preparation of budget, forecasting and implementation of the department requirements will be developed under Front Office Management.
After completing this course, every student will have been acquainted with various categories of hotels and various departments within a hotel and will develop a sense of work ethics and a pleasing manner while dealing with guests. The knowledge gained from front office management can also be applied in other day-to-day activities of various business houses and multinational companies.
Housekeeping Management:
Housekeeping management is an invaluable resource to help tomorrow’s executive housekeepers acquire the proficiency in management and administration they will need to succeed in the related field. The students will be capable of maintaining hotel, hostel, residents and public areas, nursing homes, operating laundry houses etc. through this subject.
Food and Beverage Service:
The specialization in this subject provides the students with comprehensive knowledge of various alcoholic beverages and operating bars. It also enables the students to develop skills in planning and coordinating banquet, buffet of various occasions. This paves a way to students to enter hotels, restaurants, cruises, railways, shipping and airlines services.
Food Production and Patisserie:
By using different methods of cooking, the specialization in this course helps in handling and preparing food stuffs and beverage providing comprehensive knowledge in related field.
Job Placement
 Hotel
 Hospital
 Airlines
 Restaurants
 Travels
 Tourism
 Hotel Management colleges
 Hospitality Institutions
 Hostels
 Laundry Houses
 Event Management Companies
 Food production Industry
Eligible Course after DHM
 Bachelor in hotel management (BHM)
 Bachelor in Hospitality management
 Bachelor in travel and tourism Management (BTTM)
 Bachelor in business administration (BBA)
 Any other interested subject under Management discipline

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